Thursday 7 July 2016


Hey guys,
I am so sorry I was late, there are just lots of things going on, so I am kinda stressed out and I literally forgot that Tuesday was 2 days ago...
So until I come back home from my vacation I may write just once a week. Because I am busy and not at the flat all day long.
This will be a shorter post, so I hope you understand, have a lovely day! xx
Online Lover loves internet, xoxo 

Thursday 30 June 2016


Hello everyone!
So, the day for a new post has come!
It is almost July, who would say?! A half of 2016th is already over! 2017th will come before you know it!
How was the half of your year? Was it fun/exciting or the fun is about to start soon?!
I am on my holiday for some time now and I am enjoying it pretty well! I went swimming, shopping, sunbathing... Just loving it! I extremely recommend going on a holiday, never deny an opportunity of having fun at the beach or in an other country, that is what I learned when I was younger!
It is a chance when you can relax and don't think about anything else. Just enjoy the moment!
Did you like the unicorn tag, my dearest friend Ely♥ has invented, that I have done?!
Hope you enjoyed this short post x
Online Lover loves internet, xoxo

Tuesday 28 June 2016

The unicorn tag!

Welcome again!
So, I was tagged to do this post and I am so excited to try it!
I was tagged by the inventor of the TAG - Ely ♥

So let us begin!

1.If you had an unicorn as a pet, how would you name it?

Well I thought about that, but I am SO hesitant! I think maybe Melow, Cookie or Nola. I am not yet sure.

2.Do your parents know you're an unicorn member?

Yep, they know that I am obsessed with unicorns!

3.Do you have something related to unicorns?

Unfortunately, I still haven't got anything related to unicorns, but I am planing on buying something and I am still searching what should it be.

4.What is your creative life goal?

Well, I wouldn't call it a life goal but I would like this ↓
and I would like these ↓

6.When did you join unicorn club?

In January this year (2016) 
-proud member of unicorn club!

7.What do you think about this tag?

I personally think this is so creative, full of imagination and so cool and fun to do!

8.At the end,what would you recommend to the other unicorns? 

I think everybody and anybody could do this tag, no matter how young/old that person is! This is the way to show your creativity and imagination and never regret being you!
- I am not tagging anybody specifically, but anyone who reads this post is more than welcome to do the tag.
- And yes, if you are looking for a blog where you can read some creative, cool and full of super new ideas posts, go and see Ely's blog, enjoy!
Online Lover loves internet, xoxo

Thursday 23 June 2016

Going on a HOLIDAY?!

The holiday season officially started recently!
I can't wait to go on a holiday! What about you? Where are you going on a vacation? Are you excited about it? 'Cause I surely am!
And because I am still new here, can you suggest some bloggers and accounts so I can follow their journey?
What do you say about the new schedule? I think it is fine for now, perhaps I'll change it after some time, but no one still knows!
Sorry this post was short! :/
Online Lover loves internet, xoxo

Tuesday 21 June 2016

The new schedule?!

Hello once again, my friends!
I finally created a new schedule of posting blogs, but I am not sure how strict it will be! :O
I hope I will write more often, because I love making blogs! 

I thought about posting new blogs every Tuesday and Thursday. What do you think about it?
Actually, my first plan was to write every Monday-Wednesday-Friday, but I found it slightly difficult to write that often, but we will see and I will of course let you know the final decision!
Have a lovely day!
Online Lover loves internet, xoxo

Saturday 18 June 2016

Why have I been off?

Hello and welcome back to ''Happy corner!''
So, the Summer break started a couple of days ago and it has been SO hot & muggy! I was either outside buying somethings I find important or sleeping, so I wasn't actually able to write new blogs!
But I will try being more active on this blog, so I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs! 

I would love to know did your break finally start?! And are you enjoying it? What's the weather like in the place you live in?
Online Lover loves internet, xoxo

Friday 3 June 2016

More about you

I can't believe this week is almost over, guys.
This is my first week blogging and it went pretty well. A lot of things actually happened in this week! A lot of stress was included. I had to go to the doctor, and if you didn't know I am really scared of doctor visits!
BUT... I wanted to make this blog more about you! I want to know more about you! So tell me in the comments; How was your week? What did you do? Was it stressful/boring/amaizing? Where did you go? Did you spent it alone in your room/house or with your best friends? The weather iz amaizing for picnics, so maybe have in mind to organise a picnic party, if you are interested ofcourse! And yeah, the half of this year is done already, one half to go,WHO WOULD SAY? So, everyone who is reading this, I want you an amaizing weekend!
Online Lover loves internet, xoxo